15 Keys for Joyous Living 

Great! You’ve taken the first step in learning more about a program that is designed to give you great opportunity for personal development and freedom. Every one of the 15 Keys is a challenge for your growth. Please take a few minutes to listen to Michelle as she tells you about this program. However, you should know that if you are looking for a quick fix, a short cut to a life of freedom, then you are in the wrong place. We would like to dispel any idea that these 15 Keys are the easy answer to life’s issues. Answers only appear when we have our own self-realization born out of our own self-awareness and our commitment to live an authentic and happy life. There is no power in the Universe but ourselves that can free us. That takes a commitment to be stretched and to grow. Start now.

This course will be immediately available after purchase. The opening introduction, the first Key, and several bonus lessons are available on day one. Each week another Key will be available, giving you time to absorb and experience the benefits before starting another Key. You will also be able to go back and review the Keys whenever needed. 

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