What is A PHI Affiliate? 


How the affiliate program works

Being a PHI Affiliate allows you to share the valuable benefits the many programs PHI offers with your associates and members of your organization. When you send the custom link that you will receive to your contacts, and they join us, you will receive a commission for specific programs they purchase.

What will happen when you sign up:

1) After you sign up you will be emailed a link to a portal where you will find a link to send to your contacts. 

2) When they follow your link to the PHI website they will be able to enjoy the free books and materials as well as purchase programs.

3) A record will be kept on the PHI platform to track who came through your link and if they make a purchase it will automatically credit you with the commission for that program.

How the Affiliate Program Tracks Commissions:

1) When you sign up it creates a link for you to send to your people. There could be more than one link if they can be sent to specific products that we are promoting. 

2) When your contact follows the link you sent them to the PHI site and sign in, it will record who sent them and record any purchase they make for your commission payment.

Note: A record is also kept in the cookies on their computer so they must have their cookies turned on. If they come back later they must also use the same computer and same browser to be able to track them. If no one else sends them a link that they use after yours, for the next 30 days your account will receive credit for purchases. 

When you click the "Sign Up Now" link below you will go to a form that asks for name, email, password, and Paypal account. You are asked for a Paypal account for sending payments to you.

Commission amounts are still being determined for different programs. You will be notified when they are changed.

You will have a portal where you can see who has signed/clicked in, what they bought and how much you will receive. 

PHI will examine all affiliate requests to assure it is a good connection for our organization. PHI has the right to remove an affiliate, at our discretion, if we do not feel they are appropriate for our business.

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