Antonia Banewicz

Hello! I am Antonia Banewicz, the Owner and Founder of Brighter Better Days.

Having had a very diverse life, I moved from Dallas, TX to be an actor in NYC for several years. I worked in theatre, soaps, and commercials. I knew that I wanted to work with people, teaching or coaching so I got my Master’s degree in Speech and Interpersonal Communication and became a College Professor at both NYU and Columbia University teaching Communication and Public speaking.

Leaving academia, I entered the corporate world in Learning and Performance. I had several positions: one being training manager at Sprint. I was promoted to a Chief People Officer at Sterling Testing where I coached employees and executives on how to improve their lives.

Being an entrepreneur, I left corporate. Although I loved all the roads my life had taken, I knew I wanted to go back to coaching people to become happier in their own lives and coaching coaches to be their own personal best. I got certified as a Mindset Coach by Symbiosis, Inc, a member of the International Coaches Federation. I was a Founder and Owner of LifePhase Coaching LLC coaching executives. Two years ago, I changed my focus and I’m now the Owner and Founder of Brighter Better Days, LLC where I work with people to get their happy days back. I coach on the Science of Happiness. The reason? I have hit my own personal bottom and have learned how to overcome depression to live a life full of success and joy. If I can do it, anyone can! Here’s to helping you find the brightest life that is there just waiting for you. -