Michelle is an excellent coach. I was going through a very trying time with a big move and some health issues when I reached out to Michelle. I was freaking out.

Michelle asked me such good questions and listened fully to what I had to say. Through asking the right questions, Michelle was able to calm me down and get me back to the solution. She always brought me back to the solution and because of that she helped me to set effective goals that I could actually achieve. With Michelle's coaching I got through my next steps with ease and grace.
Michelle's work always brought me back to spirit and the divinity within. I was reminded of the real law and truth behind the outer circumstances of every situation. Michelle's spiritual work was extremely powerful for me. Through her guidance I was always brought back to the magnificent power of law and love's energy. She showed me that I could not fail!
And her treatments feel like magic! They worked for me each and every time. I had the best, positive outcome in each of my situations for all concerned.
I grew  internally and spiritually through working with Michelle. I got results and I succeeded. Michelle is an amazingly gifted coach. I will be working with her again and can't recommend her enough.
Love you,
Antonia Banewicz