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Responding to COVID-19

conviction covid 19 faith standing tall Jun 02, 2021

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh

WARNING: You might be offended or at least want to defend your experience.

At the very beginning, when Covid was taking its place on the world stage, I was shocked. Shocked that anything could possibly take over as it did. Not for a moment could I believe my ears when I was told they were closing schools. Yes, I was in complete and utter denial of what was.

As the pandemic took over our lives, the airwaves, and inserted itself into society with the authority that it did, my husband and I refused to give it any respect. We refused to move into fear and concern. We played nice, kept our distance, and wore masks as instructed, but we never “subscribed to the fear.”

And right there is where we began to piss people off. (That is Jersey speak for people got angry). Those who subscribed wanted us to be in their club, and we simply refused. (Albeit gently.) We were invited to be fearful, restrictive in our movements, and when we chose otherwise, we were reprimanded for not avoiding people or “life-threatening” situations. What situations were those? – stores, restaurants with outdoor dining, and such. In this club, we were not alone, the “I refuse to be afraid club,” but it was very exclusive. Do not get me wrong; we are intelligent people; I cross at the light, avoid poisonous snakes, and do not test my will or consciousness by rock climbing or using a chain saw to carve ice. I know, admit, and honor my limitations.  

BUT, when it comes to the hypnotism of the planet as it has been served up for over a year, there I take exception. I DO NOT recommend our way of being or advise anyone to follow this path. This path is old, well-worn, and is not meant to challenge anyone else.  This path is a deeply personal path, and the beauty is that it has afforded us, and my sons and grandchildren, and a few friends with similar constitutions, a year of freedom, fun, and ease. You can not out demonstrate your consciousness. 

Do what you need to do to take care of yourself but do it from a place of power. Make your personal choices but do so with courage and without fear. 

The only message I would like you to leave with you if you have read this far is: DON’T AUTOMATICALLY AGREE WITH OR SUBSCRIBE TO ANYTHING other than your beauty and divine providence. Be in your power!

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