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Inspired by our beloved, Ernest Holmes

Oct 20, 2021

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

“You have a Friend within you who is closer than your shadow. This Friend anticipates your every desire, knows your every need, and governs your every act. This Friend is the God with your own soul, the animating Presence projecting your personality which is a unique individualization of the Living Spirit.”
Your Invisible Power, Ernest Holmes Pg. 15 Para. 2

This is one of my favorite photos of Ernest Holmes. This picture reminds me of one of my uncles, very human, very available, and so sweet. And yet I know behind his sweetness, Holmes was a highly intelligent, inquisitive, and loving man. His brilliance was recognized by authorities from around the world which is evidenced when you visit Home Office in Colorado where the archives hold certificates and awards from authorities and organizations worldwide.

Centers for Spiritual Living worldwide are populated with people from many, many paths. We come from 12 step programs, spiritual communities, metaphysical backgrounds, and some come to heal from religious wounds.  Our Founder and teacher, Ernest Homes, serves all of these communities as he refers to God as a Friend; this is similar to how Rumi and the Sufi’s spoke of their relationship to God.

If we are going to have a relationship with the Divine, with Spirit, with God, should it not be a loving, safe, and reassuring relationship? Referring to Spirit as Friend most certainly opens up the heart and invites us to surrender all that we are and all that we have to the One.

Consider this: what if your job is not to manifest a reality but to allow the reality of your Divine Birthright? What if surrendering was your only task? If this Friend knows our every need, desire and governs our actions, is it possible that our only job is merely to let go, let God, let go, let God over and over again? Listen closely, can you quietly sense the call to trust the process of unfolding so completely that life avails itself to you with ease and grace? What if your job was to swing open your arms, heart, and mind to receive from a Holy and natural place? Could you? Are you willing to submit your will over to the One? What if you followed the hints left for you on a sweet path leading you to your true essence?

Open wide my heart, teach me to allow my Friend to govern my life!

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