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Positive Thinking - a Rebirth

metaphysics new thought postitive thinking Mar 14, 2021

Positive thinking was, at the time of its birth, salvation for many. It followed the great depression, was influenced by numerous teachers, and was put into book form by Norman Vincent Peale in his classic, The Power of Positive Thinking. However, there are many other classics also supporting this idea.

For decades, the reference to The Power of Positive Thinking or simply the idea of Positive Thinking was on the tips of the tongues of motivational speakers, ministers, sales managers, all who wanted to live a positive and happy life or those who wanted to encourage others to have the same. It was common to hear these references, yet at some point, it became a source of measurement. Suddenly, you could find yourself being criticized for not being positive (YUK) as if we, humans, needed a new measuring stick to find fault. 

The next phase was when the world realized the chasm between saying “be positive” and the reality of what can be in the way. For some, this chasm is deep and wide enough to cause one to stop trying. The reasons having everything to do with their self-image and worldview, but unless one is in touch with their inner landscape, they will take to faulting everything around them. So, the very idea of positive thinking is cast out as a silly – New Age and unworkable idea.

Let us bring this down to its simplest terms. Thinking positively, thinking affirmingly, thinking in life-enhancing ways powerfully informs you and draws your attention to a world of upliftment and empowering ways of being. When one thinks along the lines of I can, I am able; I allow my good, I accept my good, and remain open to open to receiving my good, there is a vibration within that internal activity. That thinking will guide you along a path of greater self-love and self-acceptance, which is the cure for so much of our lack of self-esteem.

Here are some straightforward ways to test this theory for yourself:

  • The next time you sense doom, stop and ask yourself, is this real, or am I being influenced by another or by the collective consciousness.
  • For at least three weeks, daily pay attention to what you love, honor, and appreciate about yourself, and write it down. See what you notice about yourself.
  • STOP worrying; it has never kept anyone safe. Instead, picture yourself or the person you care about as whole, perfect, and complete.
  • Daily, more pointedly, hourly, practice gratitude, if only for your breath.
  • Identify others who are positive and hang-out with them more often. Feel how your body responds when you are near others who think in similar, uplifting ways.
  • Find a creative outlet that you can lose yourself in and not watch time.
  • Music might be one of the quickest ways to shift your mood.
  • Silly as it might sound – but don’t criticize it until you try; look in the mirror and say:
    I Love You, over and over again.

There is so much more, but this simple beginning is a good jumpstart. You are worthy and always have been. Thinking and acting positively will magnify your good. Enjoy!

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh

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