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Tears Must Fall

Sep 21, 2021

Tears must fall and flow. To be whole is to know our whole being, to feel the depth of our humanity. To be healthy is to feel fully, completely.

It is so easy for some to cry, so hard for others. Some of us are tender-hearted, and some live a slightly more guarded life; some are shut off and shut down. I’d like to avoid creating division but instead, just acknowledge that we are all different and function in a way that helps us to feel safe.

For those of us who don’t cry as often or as easily, let’s consider the impact of not allowing tears to fall, of steeling our way through life, or of judging ourselves for being soft. Any feelings that you avoid and steel yourself against, creates a barrier around your heart that also keeps out the joy and the love.

When tears fall, energy moves and flows. When energy moves and flows, we find greater freedom to feel, process, and to be whole. Avoidance of this flow creates stagnation in our heart, our mind, and our body temple.

Tears must fall, energy must flow, feelings must be felt = this is the formula for being healthy and whole. Let’s take the judgment out of ‘feelings’, how we feel them, how long we feel them, and being weak for feeling them. Those who feel fully heal faster mentally, emotionally, and physically.

We live in a vibrational universe that responds to the vibration generated by means of our words, our heartfelt experiences, and the emotions that we experience through feeling them. This is not new information. Karol T. Truman in her classic book Feelings Buried Never Die, first published in 1995 opened this conversation to many.

A great resource for you: the Heart Math Institute is a respected organization teaching the value of getting in touch with your heart and your emotions for the purpose of healing for over thirty years.

Let me close this by saying, let yourself feel, let yourself cry, and let yourself not criticize yourself for doing either. Tears are not a sign of weakness; they are a sign of your beautiful humanness. The beauty of being human is our ability to feel and know that we are feeling. Feel away, my friend. Feel all your emotions and feel blessed that you can. It is so good and healthy for your heart. Remember when we block our feelings and pain, we also block love and joy.

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh, D.D.
Founding Spiritual Director of CSL North Jersey
Co-Founder of Planned Happiness Institute
Director of PHI Coaching Academy

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