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The Truth about Procrastination

Mar 16, 2021

All too often, individuals claim themselves to be a procrastinator. The problem with this identity as reality is that it has the appearance that nothing can be done about it. It shows up as a massive black hole that you can’t scale. Let’s look a bit more deeply at what is behind procrastination to see if we can find a ladder to get out of that hole.

To begin, look at where and when you procrastinate. Is there a pattern? Do you procrastinate in one area of your life more than another? If so, where? This matters.

Let’s say that you procrastinate around paying bills or organizing your taxes. We use this example because it is so common.

Here is the process:

  • Put aside a bit of quiet time.
  • Begin to think about the process of paying bills or organizing your taxes.
  • FEEL what it feels like as you ponder it and get in touch with the feeling. What is the feeling that is at the heart of “taxes”?
    • For example: do you feel inadequate at handling your taxes? Name the feeling, and take time to bring to your awareness how familiar this feeling is. For example: is the feeling of inadequacy familiar to you.

If feeling inadequate is familiar, it is likely the foundation of why you avoid even trying to take care of your taxes. Trying to do what you aren’t efficient at could trip this feeling in you. Instead of creating or identifying a solution, you drop the experience into the I procrastinate category. The problem with doing this is you are left feeling at the mercy of what is happening and feeling powerless.

Procrastination is a habit that helps us avoid feeling like I am not enough or I am not capable, but it is not who you indeed are. The next time you are tempted to claim yourself as a procrastinator, STOP, THINK, FEEL, and question what is going on behind the experience.

This judgment you hold is NOT your truth.
You are more than this experience. YOU ARE NOT STUCK!

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

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