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Wake Up

Aug 06, 2021


Your freedom depends on it!

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh            

Without effort or awareness, we each are each doomed to repeat the limited experience of the collective. There are all manners of limited thinking and behaviors that we as humans adopt unconsciously. Unfortunately, these habits, manners, and behaviors seep into us at the unconscious level, so, until we make an effort, we simply comply.

This subject can be highly sophisticated and scientific, or we can keep it simple. I vote for the latter at this moment.

To wake up, begin to question EVERYTHING, yes, everything. Question what you think, and why you think it. Question your habits, look around to see how many different things you do the same way every minute of every day. Once you take that inventory, begin to change up some of the simpler things right away. For example, putting your shoes on in the exact same way every day, sitting in the same chair for meals, eating the same food, driving down the exact same streets.

No, none of these habits are damaging – most likely but this is a beginning to WAKING UP. Begin with the simple things so you can ready yourself for the more impactful habits of transformation.

Want to take this further? Okay, but be prepared, the next step calls for you to be ready to make greater changes.

There is no denying it, your life is not your life unless you took a close look at yourself and made changes. From the food you eat, your religious or spiritual tendencies, to your superstitions, you adopted your life. And, some of what you adopted is okay, but if you have ever felt that uncomfortable, gnawing nudge inside, or as some call it, divine discontent, and wondered why you were uncomfortable, it is likely because your life is the result of living by default and not by conscious design.

Let’s return to: QUESTION EVERYTHING. Question your belief system, your political leanings, your position on racism, homophobia, gender identity, and very importantly, how you think, talk, and label yourself. It is critically important that you pay attention to your labels. Families, even loving families, have a way of placing labels on you that you do not want but have adopted. It is your quiet, unintentional adoption that is the real issue, but you are not at the mercy of it, you can change, you can WAKE UP. Most of us were never taught to think constructively so instead we adopted. Here is my plea: wake up, question everything, think for yourself. You are wiser than you can imagine.

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh
Founding Spiritual Director of CSL North Jersey
Co-Founder of Planned Happiness Institute
Director of PHI Coaching Academy

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