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You are my Brother, You are my Sister!

acceptance brotherly love compassion generosity healing Sep 28, 2021

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh

“Nothing in Nature lives for itself. Rivers don’t drink their own water. Trees don’t eat their own fruit. The sun doesn’t shine for itself. A flower’s fragrance is
not for itself.

Living for each other is the rule of nature.”
Author unknown


Inspiration is all around us, in all corners of our world. Everything from the words of a great orator, extraordinary athleticism, the broad and fine brushstrokes of an artist, the rhythms of music that catch your attention. Yes, inspiration is all around us, catching our attention, lifting us up, setting us free from the doldrums of our existence. Inspiration causes us to come out of ourselves, to leave behind our mediocrity – if we are wise enough to follow the divine urge that gets sparked from all these influences.

But there is no greater inspiration, nothing that sings to your heart more than witnessing kindness, love, forgiveness, generosity if you have ever watched a video of two children holding hands or someone helping to lift one who has fallen. What about those videos of athletes that forego crossing the finish line to help one who thought they couldn’t finish the race only yards before the finish line? We, the people, you, me, as we love and support each other, care for each other, forgive each other, and lend a hand, this is the inspiration that transforms all. Love transforms all.

The quote from the unknown author is accurate, we were not put on this planet for our own well-being alone. And when we remember this and move past our individual needs to reach out to another, we are enriched, we heal, and we naturally propagate Joy.

Of course, there is the science of all the hormones that surge through our bodies when we are giving and when we simply witness generosity.

The next time someone holds the door for you, look them in the eye, drink of their generosity, and acknowledge them by seeing them. Experiment with being generous in new ways and see what feelings are generated. Enjoy the love of being here for another. We are in this life together, let’s show up in this way. Here is a question I love to ask: How can I serve you? Try it! See what happens.

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh
Founding Spiritual Director of CSL North Jersey
Co-Founder of Planned Happiness Institute
Director of PHI Coaching Academy, available for private counseling, coaching, and practitioner work. Email: [email protected] / 201.602.1678 / Facebook: ttps://


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