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One Thought at a Time Coaching

You were born to excel, period.

We hear tale that we humans were born perfect, and yet we experience all sorts of experiences to the contrary. You do NOT need to be fixed, yet, having a loving hand to guide your attention can be a helpful thing, even if you are an intelligent and self-aware human. There is always more to uncover, and it is lovely to do it with the support that brings unconditional love to the table.

One Thought at a Time is a quick six-week introduction to the deep dive. If, after six weeks, you are curious to go deeper, you can.  Many things called have called you to this program, but at the foundation of it, you will arrive grounded in your power. You do not need repair; you are here to free yourself.

Your ultimate freedom comes from KNOWING YOURSELF. There is no short road to the experience of maximum freedom, but through taking the slow, deep dive, you can strengthen your self-awareness muscles and responses to the point that you begin to live in more choice.

There is much work to do. Six weeks is just a beginning, but you can gain a lot of awareness and confidence in this beginning work.

Together, we will question everything. Alone, you will ponder, dive deep, journal, and remember your divine perfection.

Throughout the six weeks, there are six 30-minute sessions where I will support, guide, and pray with you. Throughout the weeks, you will have home assignments. Your investment is $400. You are free to text, email, or reach out for a quick call if needed.

At the end of the six-weeks, you will be more aware of that which has been blocking your good. At that point, you can decide if you would like to go deeper; if you do, we will use the chakras as the path for clearing. You will be introduced to prayers, rituals, and practices to strengthen your resolve even deeper. Should you choose to go deeper, you will have an option to work with other powerful people in small group coaching – 2 – 4 p maximum. This style of small-group coaching provides the opportunity to learn from another and to develop relationships to support you. Of course, you can continue to work privately with me if you like.

Please know that you will be asked:

  • To be radically honest with yourself, and me, in these sessions.
  • To practice forgiveness.
  • To take total responsibility for your life.
  • To learn how to feel without judging yourself, feel safe because you know no one can harm you, and to be transparent and vulnerable.
  • To dream yourself into a new reality.

All sessions are 30 minutes long.

I welcome you to the life of your desires.

Your coach, teacher, and lover of your spirit,


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