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Our Purpose:

The Planned Happiness Institute (PHI) was created to provide an educational system to support individuals in becoming emotionally healthy. The education will be a montage of the Ancient Wisdom of Buddhism and the Tao meeting New Thought as inspired by the Transcendentalist movement, coming out of the West. The core concept of the organization is that emotionally healthy and grounded individuals are a benefit to themselves, their families, and to the community at large.  Through education and the application of a wide variety of tools, people will be empowered to live lives as a contribution to society. The empowerment is the result of the students learning that they have within them the power and the skills to respond to life as they learn how to live from choice and not in reaction to society’s pain. 

In another way, the Planned Happiness Institute will cultivate both online and in person small groups where people learn to live in a foundation of non-judgment and compassion. They will learn how to be in a safe, diverse, and inclusive community. We teach self-responsibility as a grounding principle and support this with non-violent communication tools, and forgiveness tools leaving the student feeling capable of functioning in the world without being in reaction. Kindness, compassion, loving communication is at the heart of what we do. 

The delivery system of these philosophical ways of being is through secular and spiritual forms of prayer, mindfulness, hypnosis and a brand-new hybrid healing modality bringing together prayer and hypnosis. 

The Planned Happiness Institute is here to serve spiritual and secular communities.

Who We Are

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh is an inspiring and exciting Coach, Master Teacher, Speaker, Workshop and Retreat Facilitator, and sought after Prayer Practitioner. Michelle is the co-founder of Planned Happiness Institute and the PHI Coaching Academy with her husband Rev. Neil Pinkman. Michelle founded the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey 19 years ago and continues to serve as Spiritual Leader and Pastor.

Michelle is an incredibly unique, practical teacher who is passionate about you mastering a fully expressed life. She is grounded in solid metaphysical principles and brings to her teaching a wide-open heart along with a sense of humor joyfully demonstrated through her laughter and her engaging style. Her focus as a teacher is empowering others for their own spiritual and emotional liberation through the application of practical tools and methods including the Science of Mind. She is a straight shooter who calls things as she sees them, while using her easy-going, personal style. Michelle brings a wealth of experience from having helped thousands of people to experience great transformation in their lives. Some of the lessons that she brings everywhere are: Everything is consciousness. Consciousness first, consciousness always. There is no other.

Being one who continually looks for ways to reach people with this powerful teaching, Michelle also hosts a show on the New Thought Media Network called Jersey Girl Wisdom with Rev. Jersey Girl.

Michelle has spent years developing her courses in Forgiveness, Shadow Work, and perfecting her unique approach to working with individuals called the Radical Release Method. Michelle is the author of four books: Prosperous Me40 Days to Freedom: A Lenten Practice for the Modern Mind, and And So It Is, a book written specifically for individuals who take issue with the word god, and May Silence Be Your Guide. She has also recorded two inspiring CDs: Organic Visioning and I AM Awake.

Rev. Neil Pinkman

Rev. Neil Pinkman is Co-Founder of Planned Happiness Institute and PHI Coaching Academy with his wife Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh. As a Transformational Life Coach, Conscious Business Coach, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, and a Minister of Religious Science specializes in coaching individuals and entrepreneurs to bring personal and professional development and growth. Neil has created a unique approach of combining consciousness-altering techniques with practical, straight forward, real life processes for transformation. All his experience led him to the creation of his unique coaching style where clients learn a Purposeful, Authentic, Conscious, and Emotionally Intelligent way to live. Rev. Neil’s easy-going, conversational style utilizing humor has allowed him to become a recognized speaker on the subjects of personal and spiritual growth and family business development. Neil has worked developing the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey as a Licensed Practitioner and the Executive Director for the past 7 years. He has also served on the Member Council and the Presidents Team for the Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, CO.


Having been an entrepreneur his entire career, and the co-founder of a nationally recognized marketing design company for 25 years, Neil realized that his company’s success was mostly created on what he knew about developing people; personally, professionally, and spiritually. This is what inspired him to devote the rest of his life to helping people grow and develop.

Joe Schneider

Joe is our Product Development Manager. With an engineering background and entrepreneurial drive he started and built over a dozen companies. He has been an active member of Centers for Spiritual Living for over 20 years, serving in many roles. These include President of the Board of Trustees and Leadership Councils at multiple Centers and serving on the Member Council for the International Head Quarters of Centers of Spiritual Living in Golden, Colorado.