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Prosperous Me

Learn the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity in an inspiring and transformational 31-day
guided program.

A complete month of MindShifting ideas, quotes, practices, and results that alter your relationship to money and your sense of deserving. 

Yes! 31 Days of Inspiration to Prosperity.

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Planned Happiness Membership is available in three levels.

As a member you will get many benefits including: 

~ Access to Members only section of website.

~ No additional charge courses and programs.

~ Email subscription for inspiration, Information and Interaction.

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Walk With Me Coaching

You do NOT need to be fixed, yet, having a loving hand to guide your attention can be a helpful thing, even if you are an intelligent and self-aware human.

There is always more to uncover, and it is lovely to do it with the support that brings unconditional love to the table.


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Spiritual Practices

Following these spiritual practices daily will change your life.

They are included with Joy and Bliss membership. 

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