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We believe that sometimes it takes a little work to be happy. To dig deep and unclog the stuff that prevents our natural state of joy from shining through. At PHI, we’re dedicated to empowering you through education and coaching, to live a life of authenticity and purpose and the life you’ve dreamed of. Check out our current classes and resources below. We look forward to working with you. 

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PHI Coaching Academy

Gain the skills you need to be a personal coach. 

Our certified and experienced coaches provide several levels of training programs to meet your interest and needs. For more information on our coaching programs, their benefits, and our coaches click on the link below.

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Prosperous Me

Learn the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity in an inspiring and transformational 31-day guided program.

A complete month of MindShifting ideas, quotes, practices, and results that alter your relationship to money and your sense of deserving. 

Yes! 31 Days of Inspiration to Prosperity.

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More Courses for Your Interest and Empowerment. 

See more opportunities to learn and grow from multiple trainers and experts in their fields. 

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A Life Changing

Inner Journey Begins Here

Click here for Free book "May Silence be Your Guide."

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15 Keys for Joyous Living 


15 Keys for Joyous Living is not your ordinary class. It is a collection of powerful, life-affirming agreements that, upon pondering and application, will move your life in the direction of freedom and joy. This is not a list of things “to do". This is a compilation of guidance in ways of being that will support you throughout your life and empower you to live the life you desire. You will be stretched as you ponder these truths, your confidence will build, and you will find the freedom you deserve. 

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Spiritual Practices

 Following these spiritual practices daily will change your life.

Feel FREE to examine and practice.


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Most high performance professionals have a coach. A coach provides a loving hand to guide you and support you with your life challenges. 

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Thank you for being the best spiritual heart-centered teacher I've ever had... I love this path that I am on.

Love you! - Regina

I  experienced a monumental change in my inner life, in a way that gives me more peace & serenity, after spiritual coaching  with Rev. Michelle.   

With gratitude,  Ava LaMorte

Michelle is an excellent coach. I was going through a very trying time with a big move and some health issues when I reached out to Michelle. I was freaking out. (click on her image for more)

Love you, Antonia Banewicz, Mindset Coach

I took this class because I was feeling a little disconnected from my colleagues and I had always wanted to take some thing from master teacher Michelle Wadleigh. I already know everything about forgiveness. So I knew I wouldn’t learn anything there. Boy was I wrong! Well I was right about the connection and the master teacher and wrong About my learning. I got down into the mud with Michelle and came up feeling renewed blossoms.

Rev. Sara S. Nichols

Here’s the thing about Rev. Michelle – she’s not fooling around. Michelle’s driving desire is for all to live our lives in love, joy and peace. She wants us to be in love with ourselves and to spread that love to and through our world.
I experienced No Mud No Lotus and Dancing With the Shadow with Michelle. I have transformed. My people feel safer around me – they share more from the heart. I feel safer around me! Gentler and more loving with myself. This teaching that Rev. Michelle has co-created with Spirit (God, the Divine) is direct, powerful, loving. It will transform you.
Jude Denning

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Planned Happiness Institute partners with Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey to provide and support classes, programs, and events. 



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Emerson Institute of Theology is an affiliate of PHI Coaching Academy, offering credits toward their certificated courses.