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Shame Hides

Nov 03, 2021

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh

Shame hides in the shadows of our personality, in our behavior, and in the cells of our body. It is very easy to miss the shame hiding. Once discovered, it can feel like it was hiding in plain sight all the time. But, once we know what we are looking for, we will wonder why we didn’t see it sooner.

Shame, self-judgment, and a lack of forgiveness are the trifecta for trouble, emotional trouble, spiritual trouble, and physical trouble. (I use this term loosely to mean – dis-ease and dissatisfaction with one’s life.) These three aspects of being, undiscovered and undisputed, will wreak havoc with your life. The issue is this: they have the capacity to stay quite hidden. So often, we do not know they exist until our health takes a turn, we keep marrying the same person, we struggle financially, or we take on alternative habits to distract us from the unknown, hence, all types of substance abuse.

Okay, this is the problem; what is the answer. Get support from a professional. Find someone who can love you, hold the healing space for you, bring expertise to the conversation. As metaphysicians, it is my experience that we all think we should be able to go alone. But the truth is, being seen and loved by someone lays the groundwork for healing.

If that is not possible at this time for whatever reason, be gentle with yourself, find a great book that reminds you of your perfection, find a community of people that accept you as you are, retrain your brain not to believe the lies of judgment that come so easily. This is a starting point, but a good one for sure. Another essential support, taking on a set of spiritual practices that you commit to daily. Don’t know how to meditate, go onto YouTube, where there are a million different videos for meditation, or download an app on your phone. There are so many free options and resources available with just a short search.

You are not your shame; you are not wrong, which shame causes us to believe. You are worthy of feeling loved, seen, and appreciated, but mostly loved. You are the evidence of love Itself. Breath that reality in right now.

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